This Bracelet is made with a incredibly high quality Agate and a amazing druzy charm. Handcrafted with 12mm Agate stones on strong elastic cord. 


  • Agate Beads
  • DruzyCenter Stone
  • Gold Plated
  • 7 Inch Circumference



Agates are grounding stones, bringing about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance. It can aids self analysis and perception of hidden circumstances, bringing to your attention any disease that is interfering with your well being. Also it can help those who have repressed emotional issues that need to be addressed so that they can let go (release) and heal. Many feel that Agate has an anti-depressant quality. It can be helpful for those who are struggling to be genuine in their lifestyle, as it promotes an understanding of the need for deeper meaning. Agate is a reminder that we are love and compassion in action.



Each piece is handmade delicately with love and care. All Bracelets are unique and special, variation in color and inclusions in the gemstones are natural. Please take off when swimming, showering, and during hot yoga as water can damage thread. Bathe in moonlight regularly to renew crystals. Enjoy! 

Blush Night Bracelet

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